on July 21, 2013

7 Things That Make A Business Hotel Great

Business Motel Desk

I’ve travelled a lot for work over the last 10 years, typically 10 or 15 nights per month in hotels. I’ve stayed in all sorts: boutiques to the big chains, fancy to the ordinary. The ones I return to time and time again aren’t the fanciest or coolest it’s the ones that get the little things right. Here’s what matters for me:

  1. Internet that works. Not works if you’re sitting in the right spot in your room. But actually works. You’d be surprised how many don’t. Bonus points if it’s free
  2. A proper work chair. Sure those Ames Ghost chairs look nice but you try writing an RFP for 3 hours on one.
  3. Water in the room. A couple of complimentary bottles is a little thing that matters.
  4. A bar. No, not a hip spot with glowing octopi for lighting and dubstep playing but a place where you can comfortably dine alone or meet someone for a casual meeting.
  5. Easy Breakfast. Doesn’t have to be free but it has to be something where I can grab a quick bite and be on my way.
  6. Power outlets on the nightstand. This should actually be a marketing campaign: “We have plugs on our nightstands. “ Business travellers would flock.
  7. A great front desk team. My relationships with hotels are made and broken on the front desk experience. Genuine and customer focused staff will make me overlook any problem with my stay.

Marble bathrooms, original art and fusion cuisine are nice but a hotel that gets these little things right will win the war for business travellers, or at least this one.

So fellow road warriors: What do you look for in a business hotel?