Relationship Data Science.

Relationship Data Science.

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Introhive eliminates the need for data entry and contact scrubbing, automatically syncing activities and contacts. Now you can focus on what matters most — sales and customers.


Save Time

Have your digital communications automatically attached to your CRM records, saving time by eliminating the need for manual logging.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate inaccurate activity logs and outdated contact info through automatic syncing, ensuring you've always got the freshest data.

Minimize Gaps

Missed information hurts your business. Accurate and timely syncs eliminate gaps in your lead and contact records, helping you stay on top of accounts.

Uncover Relationships and Insights

Uncover Relationships and Insights

Your colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and relationships on thousands of accounts important to your business. Leverage these connections for intel and warm introductions.

Leverage Relationships

Identify contacts and relationships that exist with colleagues and ask for warm introductions.

Find the Facts

Easily gather intel on key accounts by identifying which of your colleagues already have strong relationships there before reaching out to them.

Share Knowledge

Relationships are always developing. Predictive intelligence notifies you when new contacts are added within your company that may be of interest.

Find Trends Relevant to your Business

Get actionable insights into pertinent relationships - see communication patterns, account health and more. Integrate data into existing reports, helping you stay on top of key accounts.

Find Trends Relevant to your Business

Monitor Trends

Understand which relationships are growing stronger, and which are weakening, with relationship scoring and trending on both contacts and accounts.

Predict the Future

Receive automatic notification when contacts on a key account are added or changed to always stay ahead of the curve.

CRM Reporting

Introhive data can be seamlessly integrated into all CRM reports and dashboards, giving you a fuller understanding of your relevant relationships.

Scale Across Your Enterprise

Scale Across Your Enterprise

Introhive meets the demands of your enterprise by offering a scalable product, ongoing support and access to our API - allowing you to tailor our data to your needs.


Introhive scales to meet the demands of even the largest organizations. Our tools and controls help you manage contacts across a growing enterprise.

Onboarding and Support

Introhive has training and onboarding success plans to help all your teams and users understand the platform, and when a problem arises our expert support team is there to help.


Introhive is a platform. This means our data is useful across your organization, and our API lets you easily integrate Introhive data and analysis into the tools and systems your team are already using.

Expand your CRM

Expand your CRM

Available in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle CRM, Introhive brings new insights to any CRM instance .

Record Enhancement

Introhive integrates with Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity records across all major CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle CRM.

Reporting and Analysis

Integrate Introhive relationship data into reports and dashboards, providing all new insights including how account relationships are trending and where are the best opportunities to engage.

Automatic Logging

Automatically sync account activities and contacts into your CRM, saving you time and effort. Never again worry about whether your accounts are up-to-date.