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on April 14, 2014

Cut The Excuses: These Two Studies Show Why Social Selling Works

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the business world. It used to be that you could run a few ad campaigns, start cold calling, hop on a plane, go golfing, have a couple drinks and close a six or seven figure deal.

Since then, the internet and technology as a whole has changed the way we sell. Prospects and leads have gotten much smarter and more skeptical of sales professionals and marketers. They are now able to research your business before you reach out to them and can point out what’s crap and what’s quality solely from the reviews they find online. They also have the power to impact your existing clients through the stories they share and the relationships they develop.

These changes have been taking place for over a decade. Over the last few years, there hasn’t been much development to help marketers and sales professionals truly excel in this new landscape. After lots of work, careful analysis and chatting with professionals, we’re excited to announce that social selling has finally arrived.

Read on for 2 studies that show social selling works

on April 8, 2014

Five Ways Sales People Waste Their Time On Twitter

Twitter time wasters

Twitter can be an extremely powerful sales tool. It can help sales professionals generate leads, establish a personal brand and credibility, build and nurture relationships, and close deals. It also provides sales pros with a direct path to purchase-ready consumers and industry leaders.

However, many sales professionals using Twitter aren’t generating the sales results they want. This is likely because they’re spending too much time on activities that don’t provide a lot of value.

Take a look at these five time-wasters and learn how you can start setting yourself up for success on Twitter.

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on April 3, 2014

Social Selling: 20 Quick Yet Essential Tips You Should Know

20 Essential Social Selling Tips

Do you want more results from social selling?

Want to know how to get started social selling?

Adding a handful of people to LinkedIn and following thousands of people on Twitter isn’t enough. From the content you share with a prospect over email to the way you conduct prospecting online, all of these tactics and more impact how successful your social selling efforts will be. So if you’re looking to drive real results from social selling, take a look at these quick social selling tips and start implementing them today:

on April 1, 2014

Being Nice Isn’t Enough (And Three Other Blunt Sales Tips You Need to Hear)

Make a good first impression

Just because someone is your friend or likes you doesn’t mean you will actually get their business. I’ve learned this the hard way many times. I’ve also seen many sales professionals and entrepreneurs assume that a deal was in the bag because the person liked them.

As you go through your career, there are many things that we may have thought to be true that turn out to be false. We run into many tips that knock us off our feet and bring us back to earth. In this post, we’re going to spend time talking about some of those tips.

Here are a few blunt yet true sales tips that you need to hear:

Click through this link to see the sales tips

on March 27, 2014

Get At The Table: How To Land A Meeting With Your Dream Client

A Seat at the Table

We all have a list of our dream clients, those big fish that dominate the waters of success and brilliance and if only you could get their attention long enough for them to bite at your line.

Dramatics aside, your dream client might be closer than you think.

But you can’t just pick up the phone and call them, can you? Sure you can! Well, if you have their number…But there’s more than just one way! In fact, there are a few strategies that can help you avoid the awkward cold call and ultimately increase the chances that you’ll be able to get in front of them.

Here are a few tactics you can use if to land a meeting with your dream client:

Click to read the 5 tactics we’ve highlighted

on March 20, 2014

Three Questions You Should Ask Before Diving Head First Into Social Selling

Three Questions Before You Start Social Selling

Social selling is generating all the buzz so far in 2014. You can’t stop hearing about it but you haven’t jumped on board yet. But you’re here, so I know you’re thinking about it.

To be blunt, it’s time to develop your social selling strategy and start reeling in the profits. After all, everyone else is already doing it. If you want to see more revenue, more referrals, more leads, and deeper customer relationships, then you need to adopt a social selling strategy.

Before you get started, ask yourself these three questions:

Hit this link for the 3 Questions