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on May 14, 2015

CRM Technology Trends Changing The Sales World

Recently the Harvard Business Review published an article The Technology Trends That Matter to Sales Teams. This article hit the nail on the head when it came to identifying the impact technology has had to sales as we know it. A tool that sales people have been using for ages, Customer Relationship Management platforms, has also gone Read the full article…

on May 7, 2015

Leveraging Relationships – It’s More Than Just LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago in our blog post Don’t Take Short Cuts With Social Selling meaningful relationships can be a great source for generating leads and accelerating sales cycles. These relationships aren’t simply created by sending a single tweet or InMail message though. Jill Rowley nailed it on the head when she recently tweeted Read the full article…

on April 15, 2015

Don’t Take Shortcuts with Social Selling

Over the past year, social selling has become a hot topic in many business conversations. Selling is no longer about being an interrupter – people don’t often appreciate cold calls that interrupt their lives and work schedules. Now, the emphasis is on identifying and nurturing relationships so you are there when it matters most to Read the full article…

on April 1, 2015

Save Time With CRM Data Automation

CRM systems are fantastic ways to keep sales teams and the rest of the organization on the same page. Whether it is managing sales activity & pipeline, marketing leads and campaigns, or customer engagements & support, having insights into the activities of others makes sure your organization is running like a well oiled machine. As Read the full article…

on March 26, 2015

Event Reporting: It’s More Than Just Leads

Here at Introhive we attend a lot of events. They provide us with great value as they are a excellent source for lead generation, while at the same time strengthening our relationship with the number of customers and partners that we have. After any event, it’s important to take stock on whether it was a Read the full article…

on March 11, 2015

Introhive at Microsoft Convergence

Heading to Microsoft Convergence in Atlanta next week? So are we and we’d love to chat with you about how Introhive is helping Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers drive cleaner and more complete data into their CRM, while increasing end-user adoption and accelerating their sales pipelines. Here’s how: Swing by booth #759 as Mark Timmons or Read the full article…