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on July 1, 2015

CASL: The Changing Landscape of Marketing

Earlier in the week Porter Airlines became the latest business to be hit with a CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) fine of $150,000. The fine was issued for failure to include unsubscribe links in some of their commercial email communications, as well as failure to provide proof of consumers providing them with consent to be emailed Read the full article…

on June 11, 2015

Simple Math Even Sales People Will Understand

When I first started my career in sales it was supposed to be a stepping stone into bigger and better things. I had visions of working in advertising or being a successful CMO but once I got my wings I realized that sales was where I belonged. In retrospect it’s a no brainer. I’m a Read the full article…

on June 4, 2015

Microsoft Cloud in Canada

Earlier this week Microsoft announced their plans for delivering their commercial cloud services from Canada. This is a big announcement for Microsoft, as it opens up the doors considerably in the Canadian market for highly regulated industries and governments that need their data stored on Canadian soil. Having this data reside in Toronto and/or Quebec Read the full article…

on May 28, 2015

Introhive – It’s For Marketing Too

Earlier this week we were at Canada’s largest marketing event of the year, the Art of Marketing, with over 1,300 marketing professionals in attendance. As part of this event we co-presented with Microsoft during a luncheon to a room of 40 marketing executives. Even though Introhive’s core audience is sales professionals, there are still a Read the full article…

on May 14, 2015

CRM Technology Trends Changing The Sales World

Recently the Harvard Business Review published an article The Technology Trends That Matter to Sales Teams. This article hit the nail on the head when it came to identifying the impact technology has had to sales as we know it. A tool that sales people have been using for ages, Customer Relationship Management platforms, has also gone Read the full article…

on May 7, 2015

Leveraging Relationships – It’s More Than Just LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago in our blog post Don’t Take Short Cuts With Social Selling meaningful relationships can be a great source for generating leads and accelerating sales cycles. These relationships aren’t simply created by sending a single tweet or InMail message though. Jill Rowley nailed it on the head when she recently tweeted Read the full article…