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Your company is rich with relationship data.
Introhive unlocks that data. Find out how >

Introhive turns relationships into revenue.

Companies know the potential and power of relationships. But uncovering and understanding these relationships is hard. The data is trapped in the silos of social, mail and mobile with no company wide view.

The Introhive platform finds and brings together all of the relationship data in a company into one place. The platform automatically discovers and maps who your company is connected with and how strong those relationships are. Introhive helps:


Be more productive and close deals faster by finding connections, collaborating with colleagues and automating data entry.


Understand relationships strength, prioritize activity and evaluate reps with relationship insight on accounts and territories.

Customer Success

Predict and improve renewals and reduce churn by understanding relationship activity and account strength.


Improve inbound lead conversion and outbound content marketing using relationship insights.

Introhive Explained


Introhive makes it easy to see 'who knows who' in your company, and leverage this insight to sell more efficiently.

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Introhive Works in your CRM


Introhive in Salesforce Screenshot

Microsoft Dymamics CRM

Introhive in Microsoft Dynamics Screenshot

Oracle Sales Cloud

Introhive in Oracle Screenshot

Introhive Is Enterprise Ready

  • Easily connects with data in mail, calendar, contacts and social apps.
  • Works inside and populates Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Designed with enterprise security and granular controls for enterprise level deployments
  • Results automatically sent to reps and managers
  • Reduce & automate activities and contacts in your CRM
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Introhive is easy