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Relationship Data Science.

Introhive brings relationship intelligence to your sales team in an entirely new way. Integrating Introhive with your CRM platform enhances the experience through workload reductions and sales acceleration

Automatic Activity Sync

Free up your time by never having to manually log email activity. Introhive automatically syncs this info to your CRM account records.

Automatic Contact Sync

Keep your CRM instance up-to-date with automatic contact syncing directly from Introhive.


Leverage your colleagues' existing relationships for warm introductions to help close deals faster.

Relationship Analytics

Uncover relationship trends and insights on important contacts and accounts. Integrate this data into your CRM to get better insights from your reports and dashboards.

Introhive Explained


Introhive makes it easy to see 'who knows who' in your company, and leverage this insight to sell more efficiently.

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Introhive Works in your CRM


Introhive in Salesforce Screenshot

Microsoft Dymamics CRM

Introhive in Microsoft Dynamics Screenshot

Oracle Sales Cloud

Introhive in Oracle Screenshot

Introhive Is Enterprise Ready

  • Easily connects with data in mail, calendar, contacts and social apps.
  • Works inside and populates Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Designed with enterprise security and granular controls for enterprise level deployments
  • Results automatically sent to reps and managers
  • Reduce & automate activities and contacts in your CRM
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Introhive is easy