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How We Help


Introhive is a relationship analytics platform. By analyzing the connections in a company, we create an enterprise-wide view of relationships with customers and prospects. Customers use this to improve sales and marketing for reps, managers and executives. Here's how:


Find introductions and gather account intelligence through relationships that already exist in your company. Close deals faster.


Measure and report on relationship activity and strength in accounts, reps and territories. Make data driven decisions.


Track relationship strength, activity and trends with accounts and highlight problems automatically.


Score and prioritize leads and segment marketing lists based on existing relationships. Create better targeted campaigns.

Introhive Explained


How It Works


Introhive analyzes mail, social and mobile sources to get a complete picture of the connections and relationships that are hidden and unmeasured in a company. The platform then scores and ranks these connections to reveal the activity, strength, level and distribution of the relationships across contacts, leads and accounts. The platform is accessed through web and mobile apps, via our API and natively within Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Connect and Sync

Introhive connects with corporate mail systems as well as user's social accounts and mobile data.

Collect and Score

The platform analyzes this data to clean, organize and score the relationships of everyone in the company.

Analytics and Actions

Users hire, plan and sell better using Introhive via web, mobile apps and inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.